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Our services and strategies focus on providing tax-efficient investments and retirement solutions to assist you in reaching your goal of “financial independence.” Our plans are designed with the following emphasis:

Portfolio Investment Management:
We use absolute return models. These are models designed for any up or down markets. We design a portfolio unique to your circumstances in order to match your investment goals while emphasizing diversification and risk management.

Ongoing Tax Planning:
In retirement, taxes are often your largest liability; we evaluate your options for tax-advantage distribution strategies as a countermeasure.

Tax Minimization Strategy:
We help provide an initial and ongoing evaluation of income tax returns to ensure you are taking advantage of all opportunities to reduce your annual tax liability.

Inflation Protection:
Our goal is to maximize your income and help it increase over time – while potentially reducing your inflation risk.

Estate Distribution Planning:
Our strategies help you structure a meaningful distribution of your assets in the manner you desire.

Legacy Planning:
We assist you in developing a legacy for your family (or charities) that supports your value system in a positive and meaningful way.

Proactive Risk Management:
We help you develop a proactive risk management strategy that can be applied to help monitor and control risk exposure in your investments and retirement assets (i.e., 401(k), 403(b), 457).

401(k) Takeover:
Our strategies provide plan participants with an open architecture platform offering a variety of funds, managed by experienced fund managers, risk investment strategies for participants, without being captive to any investment funds.

Social Security Maximization:
At our firm, we believe in these words and echo their sentiment by providing our clients with a comprehensive understanding of Social Security. We understand that for many Americans Social Security is the foundation to the bridge that can securely take them from retirement into the rest of their life.

One of the most imperative decisions you can make in regards to your retirement is when to start receiving your Social Security benefit. There are pros an cons to delaying your benefit, as well as receiving it as soon as you become eligible- at age 62. We can help you navigate this process by showing you precisely what to do, and at what time, to maximize your Social Security Benefit.